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National Show Placing:

2015 ADGA Reserve National Champion & Best Udder

2015 ADGA National 1st/1st Udder Four Year-Old

2012 ADGA National 3rd place Milking Yearling

DHIA Record:

1-00 296 1690 82 71
1-11 305 2570 120 101
2-11 288 2740 120 109
4-00 238 1900  81  74
4-11 305  2580  125  102
6-00 162  1400  61  53
6-10  181 1509 67 57

Linear Appraisal Score:

3-03 EX91 EEEE
4-03 EX91 VEEE
5-03 EX91 VEEE

G6S Status:

Normal by testing



SGCH LakeShore Perfect Bellissima 7*M
2015 ADGA Reserve National Champion & Best Udder
2015 ADGA National Total Performer

          SS:  +*B Lakeshore Farms Doctor Luke
S: +*B LakeShore DL Perfect Storm
          SD:  SGCH Lakeshore Farms Sierra Storm 3*M

          DS: *B Wingwood Farm AD Gran Patron
D:  SGCH LakeShore GP Tahitian Beauty 6*M
          DD:  SG LakeShore SH Tahiti 5*M

DOB: March 2011

Pictured as a Four Year-Old

LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansBELLISSIMA is still one of the herd queens at the age of 9 and is consistently making an impact in our herd with her numerous sons and daughters. She has two sons residing in our herd; *B Lakeshore Belmont Stakes and *B Lakeshore True Bellevue; as well as others being used via AI; GCH +*B Lakeshore Ace Bellagio, who was our 2014 ADGA Spotlight Sale Consignment.
BELLISSIMA is the 2015 ADGA National Show Total Performer, National Best Udder, and Reserve National Champion. She has been bred AI to GCH +*B Lakeshore Bold Equasion (EX92) for spring 2021 kids.
LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansBellissima has been a striking doe since birth—being very tall, upstanding and long bodied, and she has continued to display those same attributes as she has matured. She is high-headed in the front end with tremendous length of body and levelness over her rump from hips to pins. She also has a long, lean neck, good spring of ribbing and correct rear leg set and angulation. We also admire her dairy strength, from the pliability of skin to her overall angularity throughout. She has a beautiful mammary that is high and wide in the rear, with good balance in side profile, extension and smoothness of blending in the fore udder with a strong medial and correct teat size.
LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansBellissima was 3rd place Milking Yearling at the 2012 ADGA National Show. Her show record as a milking yearling was 8x1st, 3xRGCH, with her latest win behind a grand champion earning her a championship milking leg. She finished her championship as a two year-old milker. As a three year-old, Bellissima received an appraisal score of 3-03 EX91 (EEEE) and was 2xBest-Of-Breed both times shown. In 2015 at her only show, Bellissima was named the 2015 ADGA National Reserve Champion & Best Udder, as well as the Nubian Total Performer. Bellissima was shown again in 2018 at the age of seven years where she was 2XBOB in the Champion Challenge class at the REDGA Memorial Doe Show.

Bred to: (AI) CH *B Lakeshore Farms Bold Equasion Due: January 28, 2021
Progeny in the herd include:
Pictured as an Intermediate Kid Pictured as a Milking Yearling Pictured as a Two Year-Old
Pictured as a Three Year-Old Pictured as a Four Year-Old Pictured as a Four Year-Old
LakeShore Farms Nubians

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