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National Show Placing:

2008 ADGA National Reserve Champion & Reserve Best Udder

2007 ADGA National Reserve Champion & Reserve Best Udder

2006 ADGA National
2nd place Five Year-Old

2005 ADGA National 2nd place Four Year-Old

2004 ADGA National
2nd place Three Year-Old

2003 ADGA National
2nd place Two Year-Old

2003 ADGA National
Member of 2nd place Senior Get-Of-Sire

2002 ADGA National
10th place Milking Yearling

2001 ADGA National
4th place Intermediate Kid

2001 ADGA National
Member of 1st place Junior Get-Of-Sire

DHIA Record:

5-11 287 1910 83 70
6-10 250 2170 90 79
8-01 145 830 36 31

Linear Appraisal Score:

7-04 EX92 EEEE
5-05 EX92 EEEE
4-06 EX90 VEEE
3-02 EX91 EEEE
2-03 EX90 EEVE
1-03 GP84 +EV+


GCH Lakeshore Farms Julie's Jaguar 3*M
2008 ADGA Reserve National Champion & Reserve Best Udder
2007 ADGA Reserve National Champion & Reserve Best Udder

          SS:  +*B Dayspring MB Jericho
S: +*B Lakeshore Farms JJ Limosine
          SD:  GCH Manges Colony Beau's Jubilee 3*M

          DS: +*B Crown Point Mama's Boy
D:  GCH Dayspring Rejoicing Julie 2*M
          DD:  Dayspring Rejoicing 1*M

March 23, 2001 ~ October 17, 2011

Pictured as a 4 Year Old/4th Freshener

LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansJaguar has proven that she has what it takes, especially after defending her title at the 2008 National Show as Reserve National Champion with Reserve Best Udder. She has had a phenomenal show career that not many others can rival...being about as consistent as they come, holding her own over the years and aging beautifully. Her 2008 win came after she placed 1st in the Aged Doe class at the age of seven, her eighth National Show appearance! 
Jaguar is a very well balanced doe, exhibiting strength in all areas of the scorecard. First and foremost, she demonstrates longevity—combined with angularity, openness of ribbing and flatness of bone, as well as smoothness of blending, levelness of topline, length of neck and beautiful breed character. She has all this plus a very correct, beautiful mammary which blends smoothly up into her escutcheon and milks down to nothing, earning her many Best Udder awards over the years. 

After 6 years of waiting for a daughter from Jaguar, she is finally here and has already finished her championship as a first freshening two year-old...CH LakeShore Playboy Centerfold, and we think that she is pretty special. Some of her notable sons include: CH *B Lakeshore Farms Hit The Jackpot (EX91) , CH *B Lakeshore Farms Made Ya Look (EX90), and *B LakeShore Golden Jackpot (EX90), who now resides in our herd. Jaguar's granddaughter, GCH Blissberry J Alibi 4*M, is the 2011 ADGA National Best Udder and is sired by Jaguar's son, CH *B Lakeshore Farms Hit The Jackpot, and is out of Jaguar's maternal sister, GCH Lakeshore Farms Wild Affair 3*M.

LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansIt is with a heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to this special girl and matriarch of the LakeShore herd. In her 10 years of life, Jaguar had traveled over 32,000 miles to attend 9 consecutive ADGA National Shows, with her last two show appearances earning her the title of Reserve National Champion! She was a doe with style, grace and longevity...her legacy will carry on through her numerous offspring who have also created names for themselves!

Pictured as a Four Year-Old Milker Pictured as a Five Year-Old Milker Pictured as a Seven Year-Old Milker
LakeShore Farms Nubians

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