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2022 Kid Reservations

LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansReservations for Spring 2022 kids! Our breeding plans for 2022 kids will hopefully be posted by mid-August. 
LakeShore Farms Purebred Nubians We will only accept 2 buck and 1 doe reservation per animal as 1st choice reservations, so we recommend getting your reservations in early. We tentatively plan to retain the 1st doeling from each mature doe breeding, so we will only be accepting one additional 1st choice doeling reservation per breeding. We do realize that we can't retain all 1st doelings and still keep our herd at a manageable size, so it is likely that doelings born that we are currently planning to retain, will become available. Buckling reservations are being limited to two, 1st choice reservations per breeding. We do accept 2nd choice reservations in the event that your 1st choice is not born, and fill our orders based on the order in which reservations were accepted.
LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansOur prices start at $800 for doelings from our first fresheners and go up to $900, kids from our mature does are priced from $1000 to $1250, and kids from our proven and champion does are $1200 to $1800. If there is a particular animal that interests you, please e-mail us at: (E-mail is preferred) for additional information and individual pricing. 

Semen Sales

LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansLooking to purchase semen? We have completed an inventory of our tanks following our December 2020 semen collection with BIO-Genics and have updated the spreadsheet of available semen which includes: Nubians, LaManchas and Nigerian Dwarf. 

Animals for Sale

LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansLooking for a 2021 kid? We have kids available from the below breedings. Please see details below. If you need additional information, please e-mail us at:  

Dam: Sire: Birthdate: Available Kids:
Lakeshore Bellboy's Regal Eve Lakeshore Blue Kai March 8, 2021 1 BUCK AVAILABLE - $1100
Lakeshore Show Me True Showoff Lakeshore Belmont Stakes April 17, 2021 1 BUCK AVAILABLE - $1000
Mature Animals

*B Lakeshore Blue Kai


          SS:  J&R Spirit's LFS 1 Hot Tamale
S: SGCH ++*B J&R Spirit's HT-K Kaitai
SGCH Desert Willow KE CK Kailia 2*M

          DS: SGCH ++*B J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy
D:  SGCH LakeShore Mira's Easter Lily 6*M
          DD:  SG LakeShore SH Mira Vista 5*M

DOB: February 2015

G6S Status: Normal by Testing

Pictured at 5 years of age. (6.21.20)

LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansBLUE KAI was sold as a kid and rejoined our herd as a 4 year-old and has been used for the past couple of years. His kids produced here have been stylish with increased dairy strength over their dams. The first milking daughter in our herd, Lakeshore Blue Kaimana, is a slow maturing doe, but shows a lot of balance and style with a correct mammary that is high and wide in the rear with beautiful arch, teat placement and size.
LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansBLUE KAI is out of SGCH Lakeshore Mira's Easter Lily 6*M 6-02 EX91 (EEEE), the 2009 ADGA National Reserve Junior Champion, 3rd place Three Year-Old in 2012, and 4th place Six Year-Old in 2015. His sire, SGCH +*B J&R Spirit's HT-K Kaitai 3-03 EX91 (EEE), has had 4 maternal sisters in our herd over the years that have made a genetic contribution to our herd.

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