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Bringing your Kid Home

LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansWe encourage you, if possible, to pick your kid up in person, however, we realize that this is not always possible and offer shipping out of Sacramento International Airport (SMF). 

Let Us Know Your Needs

LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansDo you anticipate needing airfreight shipment of your new kid? Although we encourage you to pick up your kid in person, we understand that this is not always an option. Let us know your needs and we can make the necessary airline arrangements to ship your new kid to you out of Sacramento International Airport (SMF) on either American or United Airlines. These airlines have provided good service to us in the past, as well as offer competitive shipping rates. We will work with you to arrange a day and flight time that will fit both your schedule and ours, as well as accommodate the needs of your new kid. We prefer to ship kids on either Friday evening or early Saturday morning for Saturday pick-up at their final destination. 

Getting Things in Order to Ship Your Kid

LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansOnce you have been notified that your LakeShore kid has been born, it is important that you begin preparing for the upcoming shipment of your kid. We prefer to ship kids by 5 weeks of age, as we feel that they are strong and off to a good start by this time. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs prior to time of shipping; including airline shipping fees, shipping crate, health papers (and/or any required testing fees for out-of-state or International shipments), and transportation fees to the airport. We ask that you send us a shipping crate once the kid is born or we can purchase one for you locally to avoid the cost of shipping the crate. Airline shipping costs often vary from one airline to another and are usually dependant on the size of the crate, the total weight of the kid and crate, and the final destination. We will do our best to find the lowest shipping rate on an airline suitable to you, the buyer and us.

What You Can Expect on Shipping Day

LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansShipping can be stressful to a young kid. At LakeShore we take every precaution to insure that you receive a healthy and happy kid. It is important that your new kid adapts quickly and transitions well into your herd. With this goal in mind, all kids are fed a bottle of pasteurized milk with probiotic supplements to ease shipping stress and upset stomachs just prior to shipping. The shipping crate is also packed well with a layer of pine shavings and clean straw to keep them dry and alfalfa hay for the kid to snack on during the ride. Depending on the age of your kid, a small container of grain or alfalfa pellets may also be included.
LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansOne of the most important things that you can do on shipping day is to meet the crate and kid at the airport as soon as it arrives. You may want to bring a bottle of milk with you to the airport to offer the kid, especially if it was a long flight or if you have a long drive home. It is not uncommon for your new kid to take a day or two to adjust to their new routine and surroundings. However, they usually transition best to their new environment when they are introduced to the other kids in your herd shortly after arriving.
LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansDon't forget to call, text or e-mail us after you pick up your LakeShore kid from the airport to let us know that they have arrived safe and sound.

Contact Us To Reserve Your 2019 LakeShore Kid!


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