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National Show Placing:

2008 ADGA National
5th place Four Year-Old

2007 ADGA National 4th place Three Year-Old

2006 ADGA National
2nd place Two Year-Old

2005 ADGA National
1st place/1st Udder Milking Yearling

2004 ADGA National
1st place Intermediate Kid

DHIA Record:

7-10 224 2140 92 78
4-02 239 2270 106 86
3-01 247 2170 100 85

Linear Appraisal Score:

4-04 EX90 EEEE
3-03 EX91 VVEE
2-06 VG88 VVEE
1-06 VG87 +V+E


SGCH Lakeshore Farms Tanqueray 5*M

          SS:  ++*B Kastdemur's Crown Excess
S: +*B Lakeshore Farms Doctor Luke
          SD:  SGCH Lakeshore Farms T.P. Lacey 1*M

          DS: *B Lakeshore Farms Just Dandy
D:  SGCH Lakeshore Farms Dandy Tangaroo 4*M
          DD:  GCH Lakeshore Farms Just Tangy 3*M

DOB: March 2004

Pictured as a 4 Year Old/4th Freshener

LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansTanqueray continues to be one of our favorites. She is a striking doe with her beautiful head, bell-shaped ears and sweet personalityówe are really taken by her. Tanqueray has a beautiful mammary with lots of area of attachment and smoothness of blending. Her teat placement is near ideal with good medial support and a wide rear udder arch. She also milksóbeing one of our hardest working does in the milking parlor. Tanqueray also stands on strong feet and legs, with short pasterns and tight toes, combined with a long, lean neck, and overall length of body.
LakeShore Farms Purebred Nubians Tanqueray was 1st place Intermediate Kid at the 2004 National Show, freshened as a yearling milker and came back to win her class again, being 1st place/1st Udder Milking Yearling at the 2005 National Show. In 2006, Tanqueray was 2nd place Two Year-Old, then 4th place Three Year-Old in 2007, and 5th place Four Year-Old at the 2008 National Show. Tanqueray was a member of the 1st place Senior Get-of-Sire in both 2005 and 2008, for her sire, +*B Lakeshore Farms Doctor Luke (EX90). 
LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansOne of her daughters, LakeShore Ace Risque 6*M, was awarded the title of 2008 Reserve Junior National Champion as a senior yearling and freshened with one of the most correct mammaries we have had. We have plans to repeat the breeding of Risque this fall, and the first doeling will be retained.

Bred to: *B LakeShore Bold Endeavor Due: May 24, 2014
Progeny include:
Pictured as a Milking Yearling Pictured as a Two Year-Old Milker Pictured as a Three Year-Old Milker
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