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The Story Behind the LakeShore Herd
LakeShore Farms Purebred NubiansAs with most herds there is usually a story behind their beginnings that is unique to them, but one that is also quite familiar to many others. Our story at LakeShore is similar to most in that what started many years ago in the spring of 1990 as a young girls 4-H project has evolved into a labor of love, which now includes the whole family.
LakeShore Farms Purebred Nubians It all began when I attended a fair with my cousins who were showing swine and happened to visit the goat barns, where I fell in love with a baby Nubian that was joyfully playing on top of his grand dam. That baby goat, Jangles, quickly became my 4-H market goat project and would go on to win Reserve Champion at the local fair that fall. Soon after selling him at the fair auction, I realized just how much the goats meant to me and later purchased four does and a buck to start a herd of my own.
LakeShore Farms Purebred Nubians Over the past thirty four years, what used to be a 4-H project has transformed itself into a family venture bringing us much joy, opportunity and togetherness. Our goal has been to produce well-balanced animals that show, milk and reproduce. Through the years we have worked with several different bloodlines to develop our own style of Nubians, ones that enable us to achieve our goals. On average our herd consists of around thirty animals that compete on both a local and national level each year. We are very pleased with the type of animals that we are breeding and are proud and confident to offer them for sale to our fellow Nubian breeders.

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